Facing work life and/or personal challenges?

Want to be a better leader, innovator, employee, parent, spouse or partner? We help people in all walks of life, from CEOs to educators to creative artists, who seek more meaning and effectiveness. We offer coaching, therapy, and retreats to achieve the results you want.

Results you can expect:

  • Handle emotionally loaded interactions effectively
  • Reduce self-limiting habits and behaviors that interfere with success
  • Clarify choices, solve problems and meet your goals
  • Resolve conflicts so they meet everyone’s needs
  • Thrive by fully using your talents and gifts
  • Be excited about going to work and going home

We help you get to the heart of the matter and achieve results in less time by using proven approaches that let you quickly reach your goals. As skilled and seasoned practitioners we support you going beyond short-term superficial fixes to achieve lasting results that you can sustain over time.


The Book of Joy - a video

Written, illustrated and read by Dale Schwarz (2022).
Click on the image for 2 minutes of joy!


We invite you to contact us. Let’s talk about how we can help you realize your goals and decide if working together suits your needs. Contact us at 413-665-4880 or email us.

What Clients Say

“If you are completely open to change and ready to be fully engaged in the process of identifying and clarifying your goals; unlocking your purpose; overcoming particularly difficult obstacles; and, undertaking the hard work of achieving your goals, I suggest you consider Dale as your Executive Coach. She uses her considerable facilitative coaching skills and toolkit; her background as an art therapist; and her warmth, compassion and humility to assist you along YOUR path. In my experience in working with her, Dale seemingly always has just the right word or imagery to help unlock the most difficult obstacles. The results that I have been able to generate in working with Dale are outstanding and I urge you to consider contacting her to see if her background and skills are right for the work before you. I knew coaching would be important, but I didn't realize the huge positive impact it would have on both my personal and work life.” – Tony Reardon, President, National Tax Employee Union, Washington, DC

"At a time of crucial transition, Guillermo helped create a productive environment in our organization. He supported creative and compassionate thinking, especially around uncomfortable issues. The result was greater transparency and trust, and now, four years later: we’ve doubled our productivity and we totally rock!" – P.K. Foundation Manager, Solidago.

A Resource for You

Facilitative Coaching: A Toolkit for Expanding Your Repertoire and Achieving Lasting Results
by Dale Schwarz and Anne Davidson

Available from Amazon
More about the book