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Facilitative Coaching: A Toolkit for Expanding Your Repertoire and Achieving Lasting Results

by Dale Schwarz and Anne Davidson (Pfeiffer/Wiley 2008)
Our book offers coaches and professionals who are committed to guiding others development, a resource for expanding their repertoire to include a full range of creative interventions and approaches for working with today's clients. It is also for anyone who wants to grow and learn. Available from Amazon.

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Freedom from Traps

writing and illustrations by Guillermo Cuéllar
A true moving story about how a man and a hawk communicated; trusted each other and found freedom. Available from Blurb.

Published Article and Book Chapter contributions

Coaching and Organizational Change

“Creative Approaches to Continuous Development”, Anne Davidson and Dale Schwarz. In Supervision in Coaching edited by Jonathan Passmore. Kogan Page. 2011.

“The Facilitative Coach”, co-authored by Dale Schwarz and Anne Davidson (chapter included in The Skilled Facilitator Fieldbook, by Roger Schwarz, Anne Davidson, Sue McKinney, Peg Carlson and Contributors, Jossey Bass, 2005). An overview of the Facilitative Coach approach.

“Using Creative and Survival Cycles to See and Shift Mental Models,” Guillermo Cuéllar. The Skilled Facilitator Fieldbook. R. Schwarz, A. Davidson, P. Carson, S. McKinney and contributors. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 2005, pp. 433-436. A description of The Life Learning Model™ developed by Guillermo Cuéllar, a framework that helps people understand and change their fear-based survival patterns and embrace creative, proactive, results-oriented choices.

“Making Art of Work” by Dale Schwarz (Published in the Journal for the Association for Quality and Participation, Vol. 24, No. 1 , Spring 2001). A case for incorporating visual expression into the workplace.

Art Therapy and Personal Transformation

“Artistic Expression for Growth and Transformation: Interview with Dale Schwarz About Art Therapy and its Benefits.” Many Hands: A Magazine for Holistic Health (Summer 2012).

“Art Therapy: A Healing Encounter” by Dale Schwarz. An insight into what art therapy is and how Dale began her journey. The Valley Optimist April 27, 1992.

Organizations and Diversity

"The New Challenge: For the Good of All,” G. Cuéllar. The Promise of Diversity: Over 40 Voices Discuss Strategies for Eliminating Discrimination in Organizations. Cross, E.Y.; Katz, J.H.; Miller, F.A.; Seashore, E. W.; eds. Alexandria, VA: NTL Institute, 1995, pp. 240-243.

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Published Art

Book cover painting: Emily Dickinson – Her True Colors, oil painting by Guillermo Cuellar: Sharon Leiter. Critical Companion to Emily Dickinson: A Literary Reference to Her Life and Work, Facts on File, Inc. NY. NY. 2006.

Our Organizational Connections

The New England Art Therapy Institute [NEATI] a division of The Center for Creative Consciousness, Inc. This site provides information about NEATI.

Roger Schwarz & Associates offers consulting for leaders and leadership teams about how to have difficult conversations and get to the heart of the matter. Dale is an associate here.

1 in 8: The Torso Project is a 2-day Free workshop for women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Dale co-leads this workshop with Pam Roberts in Leverett, MA.

American Art Therapy Association [AATA] information on graduate level educational programs in Art Therapy and the field of Art Therapy.

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